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Track Our First Client's Progress!

by Cameron Davis on 05/22/17

Earlier this year, Genoir® offered to provide a free short story to the first person to respond to the contest. Melanie G. of San Leandro, CA, nailed it! When her father Chuck passed away last fall, she didn't hesitate to tell us who she wanted the narrative to be about.

Genoir® began collecting research on Chuck's long and adventurous life, provided an outline of the story to Melanie, which she signed off on, then began drafting, with research help from Linda Mauck, Genoir's® research director.

Three things we learned about Chuck? He was a heck of an athlete, an amazing family guy and a little bit of a jokester. More about that in a future blog.

In the meantime, the process of collecting research has given Melanie's family a project to help with together and something to talk about, making the story much more than about the finished product, but a gift that begins giving to all of Chuck's kids and grandkids right away. "I'm so excited to be working with Cam on this project to tell my dad's story," Melanie told Genoir®. "It'll be a cherished memory for my whole family!"

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